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Company profile

The company's background – Tradition merged with technology

The company was founded in 1976 by Mr. Panagiotis Tsinikas in Neapoli, Volos, focusing on metal constructions and repairs of all kinds. In 2005, Mr. Dimitris Tsinikas takes over the business, and in 2007, he establishes "Dimitris Tsinikas & Co LP," which dynamically enters the field of metal constructions.

The company’s facilities are found in Sesklo, Magnesia, on an approximately 1.5-acre owned area with a covered space of 1200m2. It is a modern unit with a power of 85.34 kW, equipped with a 5-ton gantry crane and state-of-the-art CNC machines - brake, roll, shear, plasma cutter – used for cutting and shaping metal sheets and iron.

Service Quality

Our longstanding collaboration with top Greek industries guarantees the quality and proper function of our construction projects.

Current company name: "TALOS ΜΟΝ IKE" - TALOS Construction


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